Well, as we count down the weeks to our retirement here you have it: the third from last EVER Tunes til Ten.


Recorded live from our hilltop compound, it's the Tunes til Ten podcast! With a special piece of guitar-banjo action from our own Ken & Yam.


Hello and happy 2011 to all our listeners! Here is the new podcast with special musical guests, Friday Night Lights.


We have all overindulged on mince pies and egg nog here at Tunes til Ten HQ, and would like to apologise for the December 20 podcast being so late.

But here we go, it's the last Tunes til Ten of 2010 with very special guests, Wick's most fearsome rock combo Always The Sixth.

Due to the wrong kind of leaves on the track, Tunes til Ten cannot give you a full podcast for December 13th, which is a shame as we had very special musical guest Kathy Shanks.

But due to the magic of radio technology we can give you a little bit of tonight's show featuring one of Kathy's songs and plenty of terrible banter from Sam, Yam and Ken.

Only a week late, here is the December 6 podcast with ROCK LEGENDS Running with Scissors


A secret revelation from Ken that he's a big fan of Tron, and a boring lecture from Sam about New York No Wave.

Oh, and some great tunes!

It must be another Tunes 'til Ten podcast, with Yam, Sam and Ken.

Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen! It's a Tunes 'til Ten podcast!

Your regular podcast service has returned!

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